TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue

I watched Disney’s straight to DVD movie “TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue” with my six year old daughter. She really enjoyed it, and I thought it was a cute story as well. I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of the Disney movies that we’ve seen in the theater, such as the recent “Tangled,” but I did think it was very well done for a straight to DVD release. My daughter enjoyed it too, even if before the movie she told me she “liked princesses that battle, like Mulan.” What can you expect from the daughter of a martial art and self-defense instructor?

Anyway, back to this DVD. First of all, I like that the movie comes in the Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack. This allows you to watch the Blu-Ray at home, and have the standard DVD to play in the automobile during trips on standard DVD players. (It’s also good for people who have not purchased a Blu-Ray player yet, but intend to in the future.

The movie is approximately 77 minutes long, and is a basic story about faith and friendship. Both virtues and values that you can’t really get enough of. The tale takes place before Tinkerbell meets Wendy and the Lost Boys of “Peter Pan,” and focuses on her meeting a young girl named Lizzy. The two become friends, while Tinkerbell’s fairy friends plan a rescue, not knowing that Tinkerbell has befriended the human girl they believe captured her.

The adversaries in the movie are the girl’s cat who would like a tasty fairy lunch, and the girl’s father who collects, to the fairy’s dismay, butterflies. My little girl really liked when Tinkerbell got mad at him when he didn’t believe. But when he grabs a fairy, the others, including Tinkerbell must switch from rescuing Tinkerbell from the Lizzy, to rescuing their friend from Lizzy’s father.

Besides the movie, the Blu-Ray/DVD also contains a number of special features. These include previews of other Disney movies, deleted scenes, a music video of the song “How To Believe” performed by Disney Channel’s Bridgit Mendler, and a couple of activities: Design a Fairy House and Fairy Field Guide Builder.

I sort of relate this movie for kids like the B action flicks I enjoy. I often watch straight to DVD action movies, and many of them I enjoy and find to be of very good quality, even though they didn’t play in the theaters. This movie is the same. It didn’t play in the theaters, but it was still very well done. My little girl really enjoyed it, and I thought it was good to watch too. Learn more at https://blazedvds.com/products/lion-king-trilogy-set-dvd

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